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    3D Printed Bowel - Portion of Jejenum Model

    3D Printed Bowel - Portion of Jejenum Model - MP1730


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    3D Printed Bowel - Portion of Jejenum Model

    This 3D printed specimen presents a small loop of jejenum and mesentery. A window into the mesentery, fat and visceral peritoneum has been removed to illustrate the arterial arcades in the mesentery (many long straight vasa rectae and fewer vascular arcades than in ileum). Also note the presence of lymph nodes (grey-light green) which are a prominent feature of the mesentery, especially near its root close to larger vessels. Classically the fat in the mesentery in the jejenum does not extend to the mesenteric border of the jejenum and would normally allow the observer to view the long straight vessels (vasa recti). However in this example from an individual with a reasonably large amount of abdominal fat, this ‘window’ is not apparent as fat extends further towards the mesenteric border of the jejenum. A small segment of the lumen of the jejenum has been opened to reveal the nature of the mucosal folding (more folds and smaller folds than the ileum).

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