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3D Printed Lower Limb superficial veins

3D Printed Lower Limb superficial veins Model | 3D Printed Lower Limb superficial veins Replica

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3D Printed Lower Limb superficial veins

This 3D printed specimen presents a superficial dissection of a left lower limb, from just proximal to the knee joint to a complete foot. The skin and superficial fascia have been removed to display the superficial venous structures of the leg including the dorsal venous plexus, great saphenous vein (including numerous tributaries), and the small saphenous vein (including numerous tributaries) on the crural fascia. Accompanying these venous structures are several cutaneous nerves, including the sural nerve posteriorly, the saphenous nerve medially, and the superficial peroneal nerve anteriorly. On the dorsum of the foot, and lateral to the tendon of the extensor hallucis longus muscle passing over the first metatarsal towards the hallux, the dorsal digital branch of the deep peroneal nerve is visible emerging to supply the skin between the first two pedal digits.

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