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    Abdominal Surgical Incision Trainer

    Abdominal Surgical Incision Trainer - OCS407

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    Abdominal Surgical Incision Trainer

    The Abdominal Open and Closure Trainer is designed to help trainees understand the basic layers of the body.

    This sturdy box contains a balloon which when correctly inflated sits under two separate layers of neoprene (simulated skin). The skills to be learned are making basic incisions through both layers of the simulated tissue without bursting the balloon, mastering the suturing to the satisfaction of the tutor.

    • Up to 3-4 good incisions can be made from each set of two skins.
    • The skins are made from different coloured single-sided Neoprene that cuts and sutures well.*
    • Included with the kit is a balloon sizer to optimise the best usage. There are also internal planes within the tub to prevent the balloon from moving around *
    • Rubber suction feet on the base are provided for working on slippery surfaces (although these can be removed) *
    • To remove the lid, simply press with thumbs on opposite corners and the lid will pop off.

    This model is easy to maintain, requiring only a replaceable set of balloons and skins code number; OCS408 Replacement Open & Closure Kit. (2x Neoprene Skins + 4x Balloons)

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