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Acupuncture Ear Model, Left

Acupuncture Ear Model, Left N15-1L
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Acupuncture Ear Model, Left

Acupuncture Ear Model, Left, Product Details:

These slightly larger than life-size replicas of the human auricula (ear concha) facilitate learning and practicing ear acupuncture (also auricular medicine or auricular therapy). The Acupuncture Ear Model is made of high-quality 3B SKINlikeTM silicone - your guarantee for long life and a realistic ear surface structure.

18 anatomical structures are cited in an enclosed product manual to aid in finding the acupuncture points.

There's no better way to learn acupuncture then with this realistic ear model!

Acupuncture Ear Model Dimensions and Weight:

- Size: 3.7 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches

- Weight: 0.18 Lbs

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