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PEDI Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin Technology PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin™ Technology

Item # S320.100

List Price: $1,899.00
On Sale: $1,644.00
AirSim Advanced Combo Model AirSim Combo X Model

Item # W47404B

List Price
: $3,060.00
baby touch vital signs simulator Baby Touch Vital Signs Simulator

Item # SB50920U

List Price: $4,176.00
On Sale: $3,842.00
PEDI® Blue Simulator with I.O. Leg and Training Arm PEDI® Blue Simulator with Omni®, I.O. Leg and Training Arm

Item # S320.200

List Price: $2,235.00
On Sale: $1,935.00
Chest Drain Insertion Training Simulator - Advanced Trauma Simulator Chest Drain Training Simulator

Item # CDT100

List Price: $2,260.00
On Sale: $2,050.00
Code Blue Multipurpose Simulator with Intubatable Airway Code Blue® Multipurpose Simulator with Intubatable Airway

Item # S303

List Price: $2,795.00
On Sale: $2,420.00
Trauma Head | Trauma Intubation Head | ALS Trauma Head ALS Trauma Head Model

Item # 069

List Price
: $1,094.60

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