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Ambu® Airway Man

Ambu Airway Man

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Ambu® Airway Man

Ambu® Airway Man, Product Details:

The Ambu Airway Man is an adult-sized training manikin that provides an exceptionally lifelike representation of the human anatomy, particularly those features important to training in modern resuscitation.

Ambu® Airway Man Features:

The stiffness of the chest is infinitely variable, allowing students to train on different body builds. The Ambu Man is ACD CPR-compatible. When fitted with a base board, it can be used for ACD CPR training. A carotid pulse can be activated manually by the instructor. It is also activated during chest compressions.

Intubation can be performed with:

  • ordinary oral tube
  • Laryngeal mask
  • and Combitube

    The lifelike anatomy makes it suitable for training of correct placement of defib pads in training use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). AmbuMan has the tried and tested mechanical monitoring instrument that gives you instant feedback on ventilation volume, stomach inflation, chest compression depth and wrong hand position.

    PC connection is possible, allowing connection of:
  • Ambu CPR Software Kit
  • Ambu CPR Printer
  • or USB Interface

    Ambu® Airway Man Specifications:
  • Ambu AirwayMan torso 91 x 40 x 24 cm / 36.5" x 16"x 9.75"
  • The manikin is packed and delivered in a soft transport bag/training mat
  • Check the Ambu® Airway Man Product Manual/Datasheet

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