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Ambu Baby CPR Manikin

Ambu Baby Manikin | Ambu Baby CPR Manikin | Ambu Baby Manikin 256-001-000

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Ambu Baby CPR Manikin

Ambu Baby CPR Manikin In Carry Case
  • Patented Hygienic system
  • Airway open only in sniff position
  • Airway obstruction possibility

The Ambu Baby is a lifelike manikin that simulates babies up to the age of one year.

Like all Ambu BLS manikins the Ambu Baby has the patented hygienic system that eliminates the risk of cross infections. All trainees receive their own face piece and head bag for the training. At the end of the training the face piece can be cleaned and the head back is discarded. A truly 100% hygienic way of training.

Just as in real life the airway open only when the head is properly moved into the sniff position. The instructor can simulate obstruction of the airway by an on/off slider. The Ambu baby has additional features like a realistic brachial pulse to provide a correct and realistic training. Stomach ventilation can further be checked visually.

Ambu Baby CPR Manikin Dimensions and Weight:
Weight: The Ambu Baby CPR Manikin weighs 4.84 Lbs (2.5 kg) with and 3.96 Lbs (1.8 kg) without carry case.
Length: Total Ambu Baby CPR Manikin length is 16 Inches (40 cm).

Ambu® CPR Baby Manikin includes:
  • 5 face pieces
  • 100 head bags

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • 32'' x 27'' x 30' / 70 Lbs


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