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Breast Cancer Examination Trainer

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Breast Cancer Examination Trainer

Breast Cancer Examination Trainer BCT100

The Pharmabotics Breast Cancer Examination Trainer is unique in its approach to gaining critical skills in diagnosis and palpation. The skin is soft and realistic, and presents in a life- sized frame which combines modularity and practicality.


  • 4 identifiable anatomical variants:
    • Fluid filled cyst for aspiration and palpation
    • 2 palpable lumps (approx. 1cm and 1.5cm diameter)
    • Infection in axillary region
  • Modular Design:
    • Skin detaches from mammary muscle
    • Replaceable cysts
  • Uses new patented materials:
    • Exceptionally realistic tactile feel
  • Easy to keep clean:
    • Simply wash in warm water and dab dry
    • Talc before use
  • Compatible with ultrasound
  • Cyst Aspiration

Made in U.K. by Pharmabotics LTD.

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