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    CLA Nursing Care Baby

    CLA Nursing Care Baby - CLA20

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    CLA Nursing Care Baby

    Nursing Training Baby, natural size approximately 4-weeks-old. Made of plastic throughout comprising body with movable head, arms and legs.

    The following parts can be exchanged on this doll: - female breast and abdominal wall with umbilical vein - male breast and abdominal wall with anus-praeter - temporal vein - urinary bladder - stomach and intestines - injection pads in thigh and buttocks

    Training possibilities:
    a) puncture of temporal vein
    b) stomach tube (nasal and oral)
    c) catheterisation (female and male)
    d) intestinal lavage
    e) injection
    f) anus-praeter care
    g) umbilical vein catheter insertion

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