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CLA Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

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CLA Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

Hospital Doll used for medical training, in natural size for nursing care comprising the following parts:
  • Removable head,
  • removable eyes,
  • removable dentures,
  • tracheostomy,
  • thorax with chest wall
  • moving arms with infusion and injection pads,
  • lower body with abdominal wall ,
  • anus praeter abdominal wall,
  • injection pads in the buttocks,
  • movable mounted legs with injection pads in the thigh,
  • lung alveolus,
  • stomach,
  • intestines,
  • detachable female and male genitalia,
  • rectum and bladder.

Manikin with additional male genitalia with urinary bladder with a capacity of the bladder of 2ltr and lungs with closure (for cleaning). Is Trusted By