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Central Venous Catheterization Insertion Simulator

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Central Venous Catheterization Insertion Simulator

Key features
  • Anatomical landmarks can be identified: ice. clavicle, sternocleidomastoid muscle and internal carotid artery which are palpable.
  • Includes a manual pulse
  • Skin is made of soft realistic tissue that can absorb 150 full CVC insertions without showing the last user
  • Arteries and veins are clearly visible with Ultrasound
  • Veins collapse when pressure from the Ultrasound transducer/probe is applied. Arteries do not
  • Needle tip is clearly visualised with ultrasound in correct position
  • Pressurised blood flow presents with a realistic flashback on entry to vessel
  • The CVC2OO-PH has a self-contained reservoir and vessel system therefore no need for gravity bags or pumps
  • Internal Jugular (IJV) and Sub-clavian (SV) approaches can be made * Palpable Carotid pulse can be manually simulated

Key Skills

  • Can practise safely needle insertion of Introducer, Guidewire (Seldinger technique), Dilator and Central line into intimal jugular vein or subclavian vein and supra clavicular approach
  • Trainees can identify IJV and SV blood Measles with ultrasound probe and practise correct needle insertion
  • Full central line insertion can be undertaken
  • Use of ultrasound probe: depth, gains and approach
  • Practice hand-eye coordination with probe and needle position
  • CVC trainer can be used with or without ultrasound guidance

Ease of Use
Each extrinsic eye muscle has a labelled cord that can be pulled and the muscle responds easily and accurately. The model has suction feet that allow it to stay still while the muscles are activated. The angle of the eye in relation to the orbit is faithfully reproduced so that the superior and inferior recti and to: two obliques are activated accurately. This means that the use of two muscles for plain upward and downward gaze are easily demonstrated. The model is robust and designed to withstand the handling that can be expected from large numbers of students.

User Groups
Undergraduates studying anatomy, all those interested in the eye and more specifically, students of ophthalmology will all find this model invaluable.

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