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Chest Drain Trainer

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Chest Drain Trainer

The Chest Drain Trainer is one of our best selling simulators combining tactile soft tissue within a practical and durable hard styrene casing.

This model is suitable for the following:
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks such as the sternal notch and intercostal (rib) spaces
  • Surgical incisions through simulated soft tissue can be practiced with forceps and complete finger rotation is possible.
  • Realistic relief of tension pneumothorax between ribs 2 and 3 (where the release of air can be clearly heard and felt).
  • Pericardiocentisis. This is to demonstrate removal of blood from the pericardium where fluid can be aspirated into a syringe
  • Seldinger technique. One of the commonest procedures in thoracic trauma is drainage of the pleural space by means of a chest tube. Although in itself this procedure is relatively simple, complications can arise and deaths still occur.

The chest wall is palpably soft to touch so that the ribs can be identified beneath the surface of the skin.
The torso simulator presents as a patient able to be positioned on the left and right sides as well on upright sitting position.
This Chest Drain Trainer is an invaluable tool on which to practice this procedure.

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