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Unisex Torso with Half Skull Head, 12-part

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Classic Unisex Torso with Half Skull Head, 12-part

This 12 part anatomically correct human torso is an educational tool of true quality. The unisex torso is hand-painted true to detail and made of high-quality plastic. This classic human torso was developed and modeled in Germany. Whether you are a student studying human anatomy in a biology classroom or a doctor explaining something to a patient, this human torso model is a valuable tool.

The following components of this unisex torso are removable:
  • 2-part head
  • 2-part removable heart
  • 2 lungs
  • Stomach
  • Liver with gall bladder
  • 2-part intestinal tract
  • Front half of kidney

All the organs in this human torso are hand painted for a quality product. This great human anatomy educational tool and makes learning the location of the human organs easy. It is also supplied with the 3B Torso Guide.

Three-Year Warranty.

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