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Cloth Breast Model, Brown

Cloth Breast Model, Brown
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Cloth Breast Model, Brown

The peel-back "skin" layer of this breast model reveals a full-color rendering of the inner structure of the breast that has been updated to reflect recent breast anatomy research. Two beads anchored within the model simulate a plugged duct and a breast lump, and the newly designed foam insert closely simulates the look and feel of an engorged breast. The nipple can be retracted to demonstrate an inverted nipple. Model can be used to demonstrate nipple preparation, inverted nipple correction, correct breast support, correct mouth position, manual and electric pumping, breast massage, relief measures for sore nipples, manual expression, taking a baby off the breast, engorgement, plugged ducts, breast self-examination, and more. Includes teaching ideas and instructions. 5 ½" diameter. Is Trusted By