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    Decubitus Scientific Treatment Model

    Decubitus Scientific Treatment Model - SKM157


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    Decubitus Scientific Treatment Model

    This Decubitus model was created with the hope that it will become a tool in understanding the eruption of Decubitus and the mechanism of its deterioration, so that one can choose the proper local treatment. When we do treatment on Decubitus, we can only see the surface. But what is the condition of the skin, hypodermal organ, muscles, and bones? We have made it possible to analyze the disease in its various stages from a sectional view, not only from observing the surface. By studying the conditions of Decubitus through this model, one can intuitively understand what is happening underneath the surface which should enable a more smooth choice of effective treatment.

    • 4 pieces in 1 set
    • Size of 1 piece: H25 x W39 x D9cm | 9 ¾” x 15 ½” x 3 1/2'”
    • Weight (1 piece): About 2kg | 4.4 lbs

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