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    Deluxe Brain Model with Arteries, 8-Part Life-Size (0178-00)

    Deluxe Brain Model with Arteries, 8-Part Life-Size (0178-00) - DGA77


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    Item #: DGA77

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    Deluxe Brain Model with Arteries, 8-Part Life-Size

    Cast in nonbreakable vinyl plastic, our deluxe human brain model incorporates the arterial blood supply complete with termini of the Internal Carotids, Basilar artery, and Circle of Willis.

    Cranial nerves and a dissectible brain stem are featured as well. The right hemisphere divides in two, while the left splits into four segments, including half of the brain stem and half of the cerebellum. Also detachable are the pituitary and the basilar artery.

    Resting on its molded display base which permits simultaneous observation of its superior, inferior and lateral aspects, the brain simply lifts off its base for disassembly and hands-on study. Safe for pass-around - because all detachable components are secured with pins - the brain won’t come apart until pulled apart.

    115 features, including the twelve cranial nerves, are numbered on the model and are identified in the accompany key.

    Overall dimensions: 6x5x7 inches (14x13x18cm).

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