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Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit

Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit
: $2,134.90

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Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit

This package, made up of all of the new moulage from the Xtreme (item 620) and the Xtreme2 (item 025) trauma moulage kits allows you to have the entire collection of explosion and chemical burn wounds in one case. The silicone product wounds demonstrate high detail molding and painting to bring the suspension of disbelief into your mass casualty incidents. The majority of the wounds exhibit bleeding properties when hooked up to a blood supply bag (included with the kit).

The accessories included with the kit allow you to add more detail to the victims and the two glue varieties attach the wounds to either volunteers (Skin Tite) or manikins (spirit gum). The tool box is included.

Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit
Shipping dimensions: 21" x 11" x 10"
Shipping weight: 18 lbs.

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