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Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light AND Sound Sensors

Item # SB50100U

Price: $2,293.95
On Sale: $2,225.00
Tongue Model | Tongue Anatomy Model | Human Tongue Model | Model of the Human Tongue | Buy 3B Scientific T12010 Tongue Anatomy Model On Sale | 3B Scientific Tongue Model, 2.5 times life-size, 4-part T12010 Tongue Model, 2.5 times life-size, 4-part

Item # T12010

Price: $278.00
On Sale: $235.00
Dental Disease Model, magnified 2 times, 21 parts Dental Disease Model, 2x magnified, 21 parts

Item # D26

Price: $332.00
On Sale: $281.00
Dental Manikin | Dental Manikin Head | Dental Training Manikin | Dental Simulator | Dental Training Simulator | Dental Manikin NA-SB23464U Dental Manikin Trainer without X-Ray Capability

Item # SB23464U

Price: $1,361.89
On Sale: $1,321.00
Pediatric X-Ray Dental Manikin SB31044U Pediatric X-Ray Dental Manikin

Item # SB31044U

Price: $1,237.94
On Sale: $1,200.00
radio-opaque x-ray dental model Radio-opaque X-Ray Dental Model

Item # CD1974RAD

Price: $421.62
On Sale: $408.00
pediatric x-ray dental model, articulated Pediatric X-Ray Dental Model, Articulated

Item # CDXM765RAD

Price: $214.33
On Sale: $207.00
D16: Giant Dental Care Toothbrush XD002 Giant Dental Care Toothbrush for Item D16

Item # XD002

Price: $40.00
On Sale: $34.00
Giant Molar Model with Dental Caries  15 times Giant Molar with Cavities, 15x life size, 5 part

Item # D15

Price: $291.00
On Sale: $246.00
Giant Dental Care Model, 3 times life-size D16 Giant Dental Care Model 3x life-size

Item # D16

Price: $154.00
On Sale: $130.00
Dentition Development Model | Model of Dentition Development | 3B Scientific Dentition Development Model D20 | Buy 3B Scientific D20 Dentition Development Model On Sale Dentition Development Model

Item # D20

Price: $249.00
On Sale: $210.00
Half Lower Jaw  Model | Advanced Half Lower Jaw Model | Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 diseased teeth | Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 diseased teeth, 19 part | Buy 3B Scientific VE290 Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 additional diseased teeth On Sale Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 Diseased Teeth

Item # VE290

Price: $354.00
On Sale: $299.00
Dental Morphology 7-Part Series DGA84 Dental Morphology 7-Part Series, 10x Life-size (0114-00)

Item # DGA84

Price: $500.00
On Sale: $459.00
Lateral Incisor Only DGA85 Lateral Incisor Tooth Model (0105-00)

Item # DGA85

Price: $137.00
On Sale: $126.00
Giant Three Root Molar DGA87 Giant Three Root Molar (0107-00)

Item # DGA87

Price: $500.00
On Sale: $459.00
X-Ray Dental Manikin | X-Ray Dental Chair Manikin | Simulation X-Ray Manikin | SB23463U | M-1974 Adult X-Ray Dental Manikin

Item # SB23463U

Price: $2,334.54
On Sale: $2,264.00
Lower Twin-Root Molar Model, 2-part D10-4 Lower Twin-Root Molar Showing Cavities, 2 part

Item # D10-4

Price: $133.00
On Sale: $112.00
Mandible of Young Adult Mandible of Young Adult (0126-00)

Item # DGA83

Price: $300.00
On Sale: $275.00

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