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Dental Manikin Trainer without X-Ray Capability
Dental Manikin | Dental Manikin Head | Dental Training Manikin | Dental Simulator | Dental Training Simulator | Dental Manikin NA-SB23464U

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Item #: SB23464U

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Dental Manikin Trainer without X-Ray Capability

This chair manikin outfit is ideal for auxiliary training in the dental office. The Dental Manikin Trainer is the simplest and least expensive for chairside training of assistants and hygienists. Using a patented Ivorine® material, our simulation teeth provide a look and feel similar to natural teeth. Ivorine® teeth are positioned into the model to provide dentition with normal contact and occlusal relationships. The natural anatomy and placement of teeth provides a true simulation of the embrasure and contours of the gingiva.

The Ivorine® teeth are designed to cut like natural tooth structure and it can be used for teaching and practicing dental anatomy and Operative Dentistry. These teeth are used for classroom instructions and dental board licensing examination.

Important Notice: This Dental Manikin does NOT support X-Ray. For X-Ray Dental training visit the X-Ray Dental Manikin.

Chair Manikin includes:
  1. Chair Mount,
  2. Articulated Soft Gingiva Dentoform with Removable Ivorine® Numbered Teeth and Front Screws for Mounting Rubber Dams,
  3. Aluminal skull,
  4. Soft outer plassein head (Fletcher).

Optional Parts (not included):
Latex tongue, radiopaque x-ray models, small bench mount, and other optional parts can be integrated into this outfit.
*Please request a quote for optional parts.

  • Skin Rubber Face
  • Set of 32 teeth - Item number 18601-32
  • Any individual tooth from 1 to 32 - Item number from 186001 to 186032 accordingly.

The universal ball joint allows for rotation of head into a variety of positions.

Replacements & Accessories
Replacement Skin Rubber Face for Dental Manikin
On Sale: $173.00
Simulation Manikin for Dental Chair - Skin Rubber Face Only Is Trusted By