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    Dip-n-Decay™ Model Set

    Dip-n-Decayâ„¢ Model Set - HE-79166


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    Dip-n-Decay™ Model Set

    Dip-n-Decay™ Model Set  HE-79166

    Smokeless tobacco contains a jaw-dropping mixture of abrasives, sugars, and carcinogens which do unspeakable damage to the teeth and oral tissues. Functioning like a time-lapse movie, this model set condenses years of dental abuse into a few seconds. Diseased teeth are concealed under a set of healthy teeth. Viewers watch as the healthy teeth are submerged in simulated tobacco juice and then emerge having "developed" cavities, gum disease, leukoplakia, and cancer. Includes concentrated tobacco juice mixture. Container is 7" diameter.

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