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E-KNOT - Easy Home Laparoscopic Suture Trainer with Camera

Pro-Delphus E-KNOT - Easy Home Laparoscopic Suture Trainer with Camera


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E-KNOT - Easy Home Laparoscopic Suture Trainer with Camera

The E-KNOT Home Trainer was designed to encourage basic laparoscopic suture training on different levels of difficulty that goes from Basics till Top Master. E-KNOT combines mobility with usefulness in every possible angle. Amongst the many training possibilities, there is the use of the needle and the needle holder, the suture techniques and many more. The basic training can be made without the use of cameras or endoscope while the trainee gets familiar with the instruments, observing the angles through a direct view. On a second level, the endoscope can be inserted, increasing the difficulties. It is also possible to insert a camera for bidimensional training. The three bases allow different angles for training and procedures.

The technique of endoscopic teaching using the E-KNOT with camera can be used with the application of an endoscope inserted on the camera tower, to perform training on a bi-dimensional way as in a videolaparoscopy surgery.

All these features established Pro Delphus E-KNOT as the official model of the European Academy of Gynecological Surgery.

Kit Includes:
1 Complete E-Knot
1 Suture Model (SM-23)
1 Camera (E-CAM)

Note: Replacement parts are available upon request.

Dimensions and Weight:
  • 26,0 x 26,0 x 3,0 cm / 10.5 x 10.5 x 1.2 inches
  • 1.060 kg | 2.33 lbs

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