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Hysteroscopy and Resectoscopy Surgical Training Simulator

Pro-Delphus  ETXY - HYSTERO EVE - Hysteroscopy Simulator


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Hysteroscopy and Resectoscopy Surgical Training Simulator

This Hysteroscopy surgical simulator is the first simulator in the world that allows hysteroscopical training on the levels of internal uterin reality. It soon became the international reference on this kind of treatment. All endoscopic apparel can be used just like in a real surgery, with hysteroscopical interventions of every possible pathology through the endometrial cavity. This trainer is perfect on her simulator nature for training diagnosys and hysteroscopical surgeries such as: miomectomy, polypectomy, endometrial ablation, sinequial lises, removal of strange bodies (D.I.U.) osteo metaplasy and septoplasty.

The advantages of this method are due to the anatomical similarities, in the sensation of depth, in the bidimensional vision and even in the possibility to work in the presence of particular difficulties. Artificial uterus with multiple pathologies are available for a more enriching training, including bleeding situations. These issues stimulate the medical trainee to make decisions like in a real surgery, and this is only possible using this realistic simulator.

The model accompanies artificial uteri made of Neoderma, with pathologies. Allows training in the choice of conduct in various diagnoses, as well as it performs resection of the endometrium with complication such as bleeding and uterine perforation.

This hysteroscopy simulator is easy to assemble, allowing from a simple specular examination to the most complicated diagnosis found inside a uterus.

Using the surgical unit Vagina for Resectocospy (ETXY-1) and Vagina for Hysteroscospy (ETXY-2), this model allows all types of images inside the uterus, for example: anatomic model evaluation, recent pregnancy implantation, tortous cervix, mal formations like: septum, utetus in "T", adhesions, myomas, polyps, adenomyosis, bone metaplasia, hyperplasia, adenocarcinoma and association of pathologies. Besides diagnostic of images, some procedures can be also performed, such as: vaginohysteroscopy, development of multiple endoscopic skills and knowledge of bidimensional images using scissors and grasper, monopolar and bipolar resection and multiple electrodes.

Complete Simulator Includes:
  • 1 Fiberglass Base (ETXY-0)
  • 1 Vagina for Resectocospy (ETXY-1)
  • 1 Vagina for Hysteroscospy (ETXY-2)
  • 1 Neutral Electrode (ETXY-3)
  • 2 Uterus (ETH7/2G)
  • 1 Uterus (ETH9/2G)

Note: Replacement parts are available upon request.

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