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    Female Dog Phantom for Multipurpose Imaging

    Female Dog Phantom for Multipurpose Imaging - TPS-DG


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    Female Dog Phantom for Multipurpose Imaging

    This Female Dog Phantom for Multipurpose Imaging is a realistic and anatomically correct phantom that mimics a female German shepherd. It is an ideal model for most of the veterinary diagnostic imaging training and research applications.

    You can choose above from 5 different imaging modalities:
    • *Ultrasound (#DG-A01)
    • X-Ray CT (#DG-A02)
    • MRI (#DG-A03)
    • *Ultrasound and X-Ray CT (#DG-A04)
    • MRI and X-Ray CT (#DG-A05)

    *The ultrasound version of this phantom is currently under development and validation. The sonographs of this product will be available soon. However, we have already started accepting orders for all the 3 imaging modalities (US, X-ray CT, and MRI). Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Upon special requests, we can customize it for simulating different pathologies as well as for specific trainings and research applications.

    This model includes life-size abdominal organs and bony structures. If needed, it can be customized with expandable heart and lungs and with free fluid to learn various diagnostic imaging techniques.

    What’s Inside the model:
    • Head, Body, Tail
    • Spleen, Stomach, Liver
    • Skeleton
    • Kidneys, Adrenal gland
    • Aorta and Sub-lumbar lymph nodes
    • Urinary bladder
    • Descending colon and small bowel
    • Duodenum, Pancreas
    • Limbs
    • Gall bladder
    • Portal vein, caudal vena cava and lymph nodes
    (these organs can be added or removed to suit your application’s requirements)

    Optional features (available upon request)
    1. Internal hemorrhages at bilateral chambers, pelvic area, pericardial area, perisplenic areas etc.
    2. Lesions and tumors at precise locations.
    3. Customizing the phantom with motion or bleeding.

    Materials used:
    Soft tissue and organs
    1. Composition of Urethane base resin
    Synthetic bones are available in two options:
    1. Composition of Urethane base plastic
    2. Patented ceramic-reinforced epoxy-based composite material

    Dimensions and Weight:
    • Size: 116 x 66 x 43 cm (approx.) Weight: 55 kgs (approx.)


    This phantom can be customized.
    Radiology images are not included. Available upon request at an additional cost.

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