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Female Pelvic Floor Muscles, 12 parts

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Female Pelvic Floor Musculature, 12 parts

This new model of a female pelvis with pelvic floor musculature represents the pelvic floor in its layers. The following muscles are represented and can be removed:
  • Obturator internus muscle (left and right)
  • Piriformis muscle (left and right)
  • Coccygeus muscle (left and right)
  • Pelvic diaphragm (levator ani muscle consisting of puborectalis muscle, pubococcygeus muscle and iliococcygeus muscle).
  • Urogenital diaphragm (consisting of the deep transverse muscle of the perineum, the superficial transverse muscle of the perineum and the ischiocavernosus muscle)
  • Sphincters of the urogenital and digestive tract (consisting of external anal sphincter, urethral sphincter and bulbospongiosus muscle)

Together with the two hip bones and the sacrum the model consists of 12 parts in total. The muscles are fixed with pins, allowing to remove them for demonstration of the layers.

This model is perfect for courses in pelvic floor gymnastics, for childbirth preparation courses, for midwife education or simply for anatomical studies of the pelvic floor.

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