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Fetal Head Simulator

Fetal Head Simulator | Fetal Head Model | Fetal Head Replica  | Fetal Head Simulator ESP-ZKK-422-P | ESP Fetal Head Simulator ZKK-422-P | Fetal Head Simulator SB47308U | Fetal Head Model | Fetal Head Replica  ESPZKK422P

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Fetal Head Simulator

Fetal Head Simulator ESP-ZKK-422-P

A life-size Fetal Head Simulator made from a soft, tissue-like material to give a very lifelike feel. The internal bony structure has realistic fontanels; the individual bones move independently and the head can be molded. The delicate realism of this Fetal Head Simulator requires it be handled as carefully as you would a live infant's head.

The Fetal Head Simulator may also be used with Cervix Examination Simulator Set. The Fetal Head Simulator can be inserted into the rear of the Cervix Examination Simulator and the position of the head can be ascertained by finger insertion and the fontanelles palpated. The head obviously does not pass through the cervix examination model as it would do during birth process.

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