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Fetus Ultrasound Exam Phantom SPACE FAN-ST

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Item #: KKUS-7

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Fetus Ultrasound Examination Phantom - SPACE FAN-ST

The SPACEFAN-ST provides high quality training for routine second trimester screening. This phantom contains a 23 week fetus with full anatomy placed in the uterus that can be scanned with 2D and 3D transducers.

The oval shape phantom abdomen can be set in four different positions to enrich the training variation. Included life-size fetus model facilitates demonstration and three dimensional understanding.

Training items:
  • Fetal size assessment: BPD, AD, AC and FL
  • Confirmation of normal fetus situs
  • Fetal anatomy assessment: head and brain, heart and lung, abdominal organs, spine and bones.
  • Placental localization
  • Evaluation of amniotic fluid volume

Uterus: amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord, and a 23 week fetus (26cm).

Fetus: skeletal structure, brain with septum lucidum, heart with four chambers, lungs, spleen, kidneys, aorta, UV, UA, and the external genital.

Set Includes:
1 mother body torso, 1 ultrasound pregnant uterus phantom, 1 fetus demonstration model and 1 carrying bag.

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