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Proteins and Enzymes DNA Models Meiosis and Mitosis Models
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Silicon Dioxide Model Silicon Dioxide

Item # T22010

List Price: $123.00
On Sale: $104.00
DNA Model | DNA Model Kit DNA Model Kit, Rotatable on a Base

Item # EAZM0058

List Price: $99.00
On Sale: $79.00
Giant DNA Molecule Giant DNA Molecule (0611-00)

Item # DGAP61

List Price: $854.00
On Sale: $785.00
Master Set of Human Reproduction | Master Set of Human Reproduction, Set of 9 | Human Reproduction Set of 9 | Human Reproduction Set Model Master Set of Human Reproduction, Set of 9

Item # H2614

List Price: $874.99
On Sale: $699.00
H-2667 Hubbard Scientific Mitosis Model Activity Set Mitosis Model Activity Set

Item # H2667

List Price: $124.99
On Sale: $99.00
DNA Double Helix DNA Double Helix

Item # W19205

List Price
: $160.00
DNA Model - Colored Tubes DNA Model - Colored Tubes

Item # W19800

List Price
: $186.00
Mitosis STICKYchart Mitosis STICKYchart®

Item # V12049S

List Price: $34.00
On Sale: $31.00
Meiosis STICKYchart Meiosis STICKYchart®

Item # V12051S

List Price: $34.00
On Sale: $31.00
Hubbard Scientific Meiosis Model Activity Set H-2668 Meiosis Model Activity Set

Item # H2668

List Price: $124.99
On Sale: $99.00
SOMSO Mitosis Models SOMSO Mitosis Models

Item # ZoS57-1

List Price
: $2,284.00
SOMSO Protein Model SOMSO Protein Model

Item # Zos57-10

List Price
: $177.00
SOMSO Meiosis Models SOMSO Meiosis Models

Item # ZoS57-2

List Price
: $1,882.00
SOMSO DNA double helix SOMSO DNA double helix

Item # Zos57-20

List Price
: $1,077.00
SOMSO Chromosome model SOMSO Chromosome model

Item # ZoS57-4

List Price
: $495.00
starch and cellulose set Starch and Cellulose Set

Item # DGFOM-210

List Price: $321.00
On Sale: $295.00
protein-amino acid set Protein-Amino Acid Set

Item # DGFOM-212

List Price: $221.00
On Sale: $203.00
fatty acids set Fatty Acids Set

Item # DGFOM-213

List Price: $141.00
On Sale: $129.00
organic chemistry demonstration set Organic Chemistry Demonstration Set

Item # DGFOM-401

List Price: $201.00
On Sale: $184.00
3B Scientific Meiosis Model 3B Scientific Meiosis Model

Item # R02-1

List Price: $497.00
On Sale: $422.00
3B Scientific Cell and Genetics - Mitosis model Mitosis Model - Cell and Genetics

Item # R01-1

List Price: $484.00
On Sale: $411.00
Model of the Human Egg Model of the Human Egg

Item # EAM0115B

List Price: $99.00
On Sale: $69.00
Animal Cell Division - Mitosis Model Animal Cell Mitosis Model

Item # EAZM0006

List Price: $153.00
On Sale: $135.00

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