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Hemiplegia Simulation Suit - One Size Fits All
Hemiplegia Simulation Suit | Hemiparesis Simulator

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Hemiplegia Simulation Suit - One Size Fits All

The Hemiparesis Simulator simulates an incomplete unilateral paralysis, e.g. caused by a stroke.

Stroke is the leading cause of moderate and severe disability. The simulation creates real understanding for those concerned and supports stroke prevention.

The Hemiparesis Simulator is independent from size and side of the body and can be used both alone and in combination with the age simulation suit GERT.

The simulated effects are:
• paralysis of one leg
• paralysis of one arm
• unilateral vision impairment
• unilateral hearing impairment
• speech and swallow disorders

Warranty: 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

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