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Pyxus HD Laparoscopic Simulator Pyxus HD, Laparoscopic Simulator


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Pyxus HD Move Laparoscopic Simulator Pyxus HD Move, Laparoscopic Simulator


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hypospadia surgical simulator kit Hypospadia Surgical Simulator Kit

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Pyxus Pro Move Laparoscopic Simulator Pyxus Pro Move, Laparoscopic Simulator


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Pro-Delphus EVE Laparoscopic Simulator 2nd Generation EndoSurgical Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator

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Hypospadia Surgical Simulator

These hypospadia surgical simulators offer extraordinary opportunities to teach multiple clinical eventualities in a very safe, nonhuman patient environment where performance feedback is immediate and objective. Hypospadia is a common birth congenital defect, which consists in fissure of the lower wall of the urethra. One of the Hypospadia characteristics is the shortening of the urethra, occurring in an abnormal position of the external urethral opening.

Urethra is the tube where urine flows from our bladder through out of our body.

These Hypospadia Surgical Simulators are reality-based simulators in which the learner interacts with real-life materials and uses surgical instruments expected to be used in the operating room. We offer eight different scenarios of hypospadia to allow students to master this surgical procedure. Is Trusted By