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'Musclemate' 2 - Intramuscular Injection Simulator (M118-1)

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'Musclemate' 2 - Intramuscular Injection Simulator

Learn the correct position for intramuscular injection by palpation. The student can use this injection simulator to practice both intramuscular and subcutaneous injections in the upper arm. The simulator can be attached easily using the stick-on tape. Bones such as acromion enables training for palpation. The student can find the injection site by feeling for the acromion. Correct or incorrect is indicated with built-in lamps and buzzer. LED lights will show whether the injection has been inserted in the correct place to the right depth. The warning signal will sound if the injection is carried out incorrectly. The special skin has no needle marks. Water only should be used for injecting. The delivery contents include the liquid pouch and the stick-on tape.

Mastery of the hard-to-learn feeling of "depth":
An all-skin model that has achieved unprecedented reality.
Shows the correct or incorrect injection site including the depth with LED lamps.

Correct or incorrect is indicated with built-in lamps and a buzzer
  • OK: Green Lamp is lit when the injection site and the depth are correct.
  • Error regarding the site: The red light is flashed, and buzzer goes off, when the injection site is incorrect.
  • Error regarding the depth: Both the red and green lamps are flashed, and buzzer goes off, when the injection site is correct but too deep.
  • The light of the LED lamps is seen through the skin.

Skills Practice:

Brachial I.M. injection
Subcutaneous injection

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