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Intraosseous Knee Injection Intraosseous Access Knee Injection

Item # SB151713

Price: $610.00
On Sale: $542.00
Shoulder Injection Trainer Model | Shoulder Joint Injection Model Shoulder Injection Model

Item # SB15091

Price: $911.00
On Sale: $809.00
Elbow Injection Model | Elbow Joint  Injection Model | Elbow Injection Trainer | Elbow Injection training Model | Large Left Elbow Injection Model SB-1510-3 Elbow Injection Model

Item # SB15103

Price: $765.00
On Sale: $680.00
Wrist Injection | Wrist Joint Injection ModelWrist Injection Model | Wrist Injection Trainer | Wrist Injection Training Model | Wrist Model for joint injection | Large Left Wrist Injection Model SB-1511-5 Wrist Injection Model

Item # SB15115

Price: $804.00
On Sale: $714.00
Hip Joint Injection Model Hip Injection Model

Item # SB15162

Price: $1,056.00
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Knee Injection Trainer Model | Knee Joint Injection Model | Knee Injection Trainer Knee Injection Model

Item # SB15171

Price: $920.00
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Foot and Ankle Injection Model | Ankle Injection Model | Foot Injection Model | Large Foot and Ankle Injection Model SB-1518-1 Foot and Ankle Injection Model

Item # SB15181

Price: $802.00
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Knee Injection Model with 60 degree bend Knee Injection with 60 degree bend

Item # SB15176

Price: $920.00
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Trunk Injection Model| Trunk Injection trainer | Trunk Injection Simulator | Trunk Injection Training Model | Trunk Injection Model SB-1513-1  | Spine Injection Simulator Trunk Injection Model

Item # SB15131

Price: $2,660.00
On Sale: $2,363.00

Joint Injection Trainers

Our joint injection trainers are fitted with a security system, triggering an audio signal when the internal tissue and structure are touched by the needle. The joint injection simulators include the necessary anatomical landmarks, making the training realistic and accurate.

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