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Interchangeable Nodules BSE Model, Beige

Interchangeable Nodules BSE-Breast Self-Examination Model, Beige HE-26504


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Item #: HE-26504


Interchangeable Nodules BSE-Breast Self-Examination Model, Beige

Enhance your breast self-awareness program with this unique breast model, which helps train women to find different-sized breast lumps. The model is made of lifelike, palpable, synthetic tissue. Includes five nodules that range in size from ½ cm to 4 cm that can be placed into the model from the back. Comes with slipcover, carrying case, and extra set of nodules. A great tool for instruction in breast self-exam.

Comes with:
  • Slipcover
  • Carrying case
  • an extra set of nodules

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