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Kirchhoff-Bunsen Spectroscope

Kirchhoff-Bunsen Spectroscope

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Item #: U14415


Kirchhoff-Bunsen Spectroscope

Kirchhoff-Bunsen Spectroscope - U14415

Desktop spectroscope for the observation and measurement of emission and absorption spectra. With adjustable slit, condenser, flint glass prism as well as an observation telescope with sliding ocular. Scale tube with reference division, which is superimposed on the image plane of the spectrum due to reflection at the front surface of the prism. Includes removable prism hood. Ideal for schools and universities.

Observation tube: moveable, with locking screw, slideable eyepiece,
Objective: f = 160 mm, 18 mm dia.
Slit tube: stationary, with symmetrical slit
Objective: f = 160 mm, 18 mm dia.
Scale tube: stationary, 200-division scale
Eyepiece: f = 90 mm, 18 mm dia.
Scale: can be calibrated in wavelengths
Prism: Flint glass (60°), Dispersion (nF – nC): 0,017,
Length of base: 20 mm, height: 30 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg

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