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Knee Surgery Simulator

Pro-Delphus Knee Trainer Surgery Simulator


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Item #: KNT


Knee Surgery Simulator

Simulator for Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Knee.

The Knee Trainer provides an environment similar to a knee surgery, through endoscopic or open view, allowing the use of instruments and surgical training of extreme reality. This knee surgery simulator is perfect because provides texture, depth and realism, fundamental qualities for the best training.

The Pro Delphus Trainer System KNT was developed for training in knee surgery in two options: arthroscopy and prosthesis. It is possible to diagnose lesions and choose the best manner, managing complications.

The surgical unit for arthroscopy allows access through the anatomical portals under low pressure irrigation (by gravity), instrumental triangulation, access to the menisci and its pathologies (suture, partial removal and use of shaver), and transplant surgery of cruciate ligaments with bone fixation. The model can be customized for other conditions such as hard knee, for example.

The surgical unit for arthroplasty has the same external structure of the astroscopy unit, having as a differential the possibility of application of joint prosthesis.

If there is interest only in arthroscopy, triangulation, anatomy demonstration, suture practice and use of the arthro-shaver, the best and most economical option is the use of the KNT-B portable version.

Performs surgical interventions on the major meniscus lesions as:
  • Bucket wing
  • Longitudinal Section
  • Transverse Section

Features the following procedures:
  • Arthroscopy
  • Replacement of Cruciate Ligament

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