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ORTHObones Premium Left Hemi Pelvis - Male

Left Hemi Pelvis - Male

: $45.00

Item #: W19133


ORTHObones Premium Left Hemi Pelvis - Male

ORTHObones by 3B Scientific are the best artificial bones on the market. Perfectly resembling genuine human bone models in terms of form and characteristics, these high quality workshop models are being used by surgeons and medical engineers worldwide. These realistic bones are constructed to simulate the two distinct layers of real human bones; the hard outer cortical shell and the softer inner cancellous bone. The excellent biomechanical characteristics make these bones an exceptional value!

The half pelvis bone is ideal for surgeons to practice procedures required for correcting pelvic injuries such as vertical shear fractures, lateral crush injuries and hip fractures. Medical devices can also be implanted and displayed for patient education. Is Trusted By