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    Infant Auscultation Trainer

    Life/form® Infant Auscultation Trainer - LF01201U



    Life/form® Infant Auscultation Trainer

    The Life/form® Infant Ausculation Trainer simulates heart, bowel, and lung conditions selected by the instructor by wireless remote control. The student must palpate to identify the correct auscultation sites and will hear different heart, bowel, and lung sounds as the SmartScope® is moved from site to site. The trainer duplicates human infant conditions as closely as electronic technology allows - it’s almost the real thing. Care and treatment should be the same as with a patient. Features one heart, one bowel, and two lung sites on the anterior surface, and two lung sites on the posterior surface.

    The instructor can program the remote control and select from 11 different heart conditions, four bowel conditions, and nine lung conditions. The instructor can select any condition, then switch to another condition quickly and easily so the student can compare sounds and make a diagnosis. The remote control does not have to be pointed directly at the manikin or SmartScope® to operate. One remote control will operate multiple sets of SmartScopes® and manikins simultaneously. The range of the remote control is up to 100 feet.

    Infant Auscultation Trainer,
    SmartScope® remote,
    and hard carry case.

    11 Heart Conditions to Select with the Remote:
    • Aortic Stenosis
    • Pulmonary Stenosis
    • VSD
    • ASD
    • S2 Split
    • 7-month Heart
    • Mitral Regurgitation
    • Stills Murmur
    • 1-year Heart
    • Newborn Heart
    • Venous Hum

    4 Bowel Sounds to Select with the Remote:
    • Borborygmus
    • Normal 1 YO
    • Normal Newborn
    • Normal 2 YO

    9 Lung Conditions to Select with the Remote:
    • Asthma
    • Pneumonia
    • Wheezing
    • Newborn Breath
    • Rhonchi
    • 9-month Breath
    • Newborn Stridor
    • Stridor
    • 9-month Stridor


    Made in USA by Nasco Healthcare and sold by GTSimulators.

    Five-year warranty.

    GTSimulators by Global Technologies
    Nasco Authorized Dealer

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    Remote Only To Use with Infant Auscultation Trainer LF01201U
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