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lumbar spine model with aorta and vena cava Lumbar Spine with Aorta and Vena Cava

Item # SB01352U

Price: $494.00
On Sale: $404.00
Lumbar Spinal Column Model - 3B Scientific A74 Lumbar Spinal Column Model

Item # A74

Price: $105.00
On Sale: $89.00
2 Lumbar Vertebrae Model with Prolapsed Disc A76-9 2 Lumbar Vertebrae with Prolapsed Disc

Item # A76-9

Price: $41.00
On Sale: $34.00
Set of 5 lumbar Vertebrae Model A792 Set of 5 lumbar Vertebrae Model

Item # A792

Price: $218.00
On Sale: $184.00
Lifting Demonstration Figure ESP-ZKJ-310-K Lifting Demonstration Manikin Figure

Item # ESPZKJ310K

Price: $502.00
On Sale: $413.00
Lumbar Spinal Column Model with Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc A76 Lumbar Spinal Column with Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc

Item # A76

Price: $69.00
On Sale: $58.00
3 Lumbar Vertebrae Model, flexibly mounted A76-8 3 Lumbar Vertebrae Model, flexible

Item # A76-8

Price: $45.00
On Sale: $38.00
SOMSO Lumbar Vertebral Column SOMSO Lumbar Vertebral Column

Item # QS64

: $340.00
SOMSO Osteoporosis Model QS-66/4 SOMSO Osteoporosis Model

Item # QS66-4

: $283.00 Is Trusted By