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Nursing Skills

Simulation is a key component in practical training. It provides the users with the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills on systems which provide practical feedback visually and in other ways. Medical skills simulators provide medics with great opportunities to explore practical ways of getting around patients for effective management. By practicing around these simulators, the medics can avoid using inappropriate methods in the management of their patients.

Similarly, Nursing Skills Training Manikins are very relevant in the training and practice of the profession. Analogous to the medical simulators, they provide the users with the opportunity to study a patient's scenario from different angles and come up with the best strategy to deal with a similar problem in real life. Life-form Trainers are appropriate for use in training medics. These trainers can be used alongside the manikins and simulators to demonstrate new concepts to the learners.

For effective teaching and learning of medicine and nursing, it is fundamental to acquire these items. That is why we are proud to be your best source of Medical and Nursing Skills Simulators.
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koken colonoscopy - Lower gi endoscopy simulator Koken Colonoscopy (Lower GI Endoscopy) Simulator Type II

Item # LM-107

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Koken EGD-EsophagoGastroDuodenonoscopy Simulator Koken EGD (EsophagoGastroDuodenonoscopy) Simulator

Item # LM-103

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Patient Care Manikin | Patient Care Manikins | 3B Scientific P10 Patient Care Manikin | Buy Patient Care Manikin | Buy Patient Care Manikins | Patient Care Manikin On sale | Patient Care Manikins On Sale | Buy 3B Scientific Patient Care Manikins On Sale Patient Care Manikin Pro Version

Item # P10-1

Price: $3,549.00
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Advanced Catheterization Trainer with Male Genital Insert Henri and Female Genital Insert Florence | male and female catheterization simulator set Advanced Catheterization Trainer with Male and Female Genital Insert

Item # EZ7030

Price: $3,330.00
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Gynecologic Simulator | ZOE Gynecologic Simulator ZOE® Gynecologic Simulator

Item # S504.100

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Wearable Breast Self Examination Model | Breast Self-Exam Model | Breast Examination Model Wearable Breast Self Exam Model

Item # L51

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Acupuncture Model N30, Male Acupuncture Model, Male

Item # N30

Price: $216.00
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Advanced Patient Care Male Prostate Simulator Advanced Patient Care Male Prostate Simulator

Item # S230.3

Price: $476.00
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PEDI Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin Technology PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin™ Technology

Item # S320.100

Price: $1,899.00
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Breast Phantom Simulator | Breast Ultrasound Phantom Simulator | Simulator for Breast Ultrasound Breast Ultrasound Phantom Simulator

Item # S230.52

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Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator

Item # AAJ001

Price: $199.90
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Decubitus Scientific Treatment Model Decubitus Scientific Treatment Model

Item # SKM157

Price: $3,744.00
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Intraosseous Knee Injection Intraosseous Access Knee Injection

Item # SB151713

Price: $610.00
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Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer

Item # P61

Price: $1,776.00
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Pro-Delphus E-KNOT - Easy Home Laparoscopic Suture Trainer E-KNOT - Easy Laparoscopic Suture Trainer

Item # EKT001

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Pro-Delphus EVE Laparoscopic Simulator 2nd Generation EndoSurgical Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator

Item # ETX-A2-LAP

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Pro-Delphus Procto Trainer - Transanal Endoscopic Surgery Simulator Transanal Endoscopic Surgery Simulator, Proctology Module


Price: $5,390.00
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Pro-Delphus Knee Trainer Surgery Simulator Knee Surgery Simulator

Item # KNT

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Pro-Delphus  ETXY - HYSTERO EVE - Hysteroscopy Simulator Hysteroscopy and Resectoscopy Surgical Training Simulator


Price: $6,037.00
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Pro-Delphus S.I.M.O.N.T  SNT - Neurosurgery Endotrainer Neuroendoscopic Surgery Training Simulator

Item # SNT

Price: $6,255.00
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Pro-Delphus S.I.M.O.N.T  SOT - Otorhino Trainer Sinus Model Otorhino Neuro Surgical Trainer

Item # SOT

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Pro-Delphus MAX Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Simulator Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery Simulator with Multiple Fractures

Item # MAX

Price: $2,998.00
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