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    Meiosis STICKYchart™

    Meiosis STICKYchartâ„¢ - V12051S

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    Item #: V12051S


    Meiosis STICKYchart™

    This colorful wall chart details cellular division, meiosis. Mammal cells are used as the template to illustrate the process of meiosis on this chart. The cells on this chart are colored according to the usual staining in microscopy. These charts are a great teaching tool for explaining meiosis, which is vital in sexual reproduction.

    3B Scientific STICKYcharts® are printed in full color on durable vinyl with a 3M® adhesive backing. The non-destructive adhesive affixes to walls, doors, windows, whiteboards, metal, cabinets and most any clean surface. Can be removed and re-affixed to surfaces many times.

    Weights & Measurements

    45.7 x 61.0 cm
    18 x 24 in

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