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Nervous System Models

For a better understanding and teaching of the nervous system anatomy, we have a wide selection of nervous system models available, including its physiological functions. At GT Simulators, we aim at delivering the best nervous system models for medical students. To understand the anatomical arrangement and structures of both the peripheral and central nervous system, we have designed our models in a suitable way. This reliefs you of the stress of having to go over the nervous system diagrams all the time. It also has an aspect of the real view of the system. This makes studying or teaching more lively and fun.

Most models are delivered in a baseboard and come in very many varieties. This enables you to choose based on your area of specialty and scope of understanding. Its schematic presentation enables you to acquire knowledge on the physiological functions of the nervous system also. With a fair price range for the different products and up to five year warranty, you are assured of getting the best out of it. All you need to do is to place an order for one today and you will not regret it.
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Spina Cord | Spinal Cord Model | Deluxe Spinal Cord Model | Spinal Cord Model On Sale | Denoyer Geppert  Deluxe Spinal Cord Model DG-A65 |  Deluxe Spinal Cord Model 0165-00 Deluxe Spinal Cord Model (0165-00)

Item # DGA65

Price: $356.00
On Sale: $327.00
Complete Sarcomere Model | Giant Sarcomere Model Complete Sarcomere Model (0779-00)

Item # DGAP79

Price: $1,100.00
On Sale: $1,011.00
Nervous System Model, 1/2 life-size C30 Nervous System Model, 1/2 life size

Item # C30

Price: $433.00
On Sale: $366.00
Spinal Cord Model | Spinal Cord Model | 3B Scientific C41 Spinal Cord Model | Spinal Cord Model with Nerve Endings Spinal Cord Model 5 times Life Size

Item # C41

Price: $263.00
On Sale: $222.00
Neuron Model | Motor Neuron | Motor Neuron Diorama | Motor Neuron Diorama DG-A67-0167-00 Motor Neuron Diorama (0167-00)

Item # DGA67

Price: $700.00
On Sale: $643.00
Neurovascular Skull | Neuro-Vascular Skull | Neurovascular Skull Model Neuro-Vascular Skull Model

Item # ESPZJY380G

Price: $965.00
On Sale: $863.00
Neuron Cell Body C40-1 Neuron Cell Body

Item # C40-1

Price: $180.00
On Sale: $152.00
Myelin Sheaths of the CNS C40-2 Myelin Sheaths of the CNS

Item # C40-2

Price: $179.00
On Sale: $151.00
Schwann Cells of the PNS C40-3 Schwann Cells of the PNS

Item # C40-3

Price: $179.00
On Sale: $151.00
Motor End Plate C40-4 Motor End Plate

Item # C40-4

Price: $179.00
On Sale: $151.00
Synapse - Nervous System Model - 3B Scientific Synapse - Nervous System Model

Item # C40-5

Price: $179.00
On Sale: $151.00
Neuro Foot | Neuro Foot Model | Foot Model with Nerves | Neuro Foot Model SB48055U | Neuro Foot Model ESP-ZKJ-692-N | Neuro Foot Model On Sale Neuro Foot Model

Item # ESPZKJ692N

Price: $513.00
On Sale: $459.00 Is Trusted By