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    Newborn Intraosseous Infusion and Injection Leg

    Newborn Intraosseous Infusion and Injection Leg - S409


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    Newborn Intraosseous Infusion and Injection Leg

    The Susie and Simon Intraosseous leg simulates that of a newborn. A replaceable tibial bone lies under a smooth outer skin. It includes anatomic landmarks for teaching intraosseous access and infusion. A femoral vein/artery pair and an intramuscular injection site are included.

    • Replaceable spinal cord insert with skin layer, subcutaneous layer, connective tissue, and lumbar vertebrae
    • Anatomic features include: iliac crests, lumbar vertebrae L2 – L5, ligamentum flavum, epidural space, and dura
    • Needle insertion possible between vertebrae
    • Lifelike needle resistance, including pops when needle traverses ligamentum flavum and dura
    • Self-healing skin that allows 15 uses with an 18 gauge needle and 25 uses with a 22 gauge needle before replacement is necessary
    • Simple to fill simulated CSF and set fluid pressure, thereby allowing students to collect CSF and measure CSF opening pressure
    • Pressure system with simple push-button operation to increase or decrease pressure
    • LED displays pressure set-point ranging from low, medium to high pressure
    • Practice procedure in the left lateral decubitus or sitting position
    • Trainer can be used to simulate aseptic technique and local anesthetic at puncture site

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