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    Overshoes - Simulation of an unsteady gait
    Overshoes - Simulation of an unsteady gait - PPD1005

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    Item #: PPD1005

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    Overshoes - Simulation of an unsteady gait

    Simulation of an unsteady gait
    To simulate the often in old age occurring unsteady gait there are special overshoes available as an accessory for the age simulation suit GERT.

    The overshoes are easily applied over the shoes of the participant. The additional soft sole imparts a spongy feeling and reduces the ability to perceive the contact with the floor.
    Hence, the uncertainty of walking that elderly people often feel is more comprehensible. In combination with the components of GERT a much better impression arises in this way.

    The overshoes will be supplied by two pairs in two sizes. Due to the hook-and-loop fasteners they can easily be applied over any sort and size of shoes.
    The application takes only a few seconds and is absolutely self-explanatory.

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