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    Fit-on Manual Disimpaction Simulator

    Fit-on Manual Disimpaction Simulator - SKM169

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    Item #: SKM169


    Fit-on Manual Disimpaction Simulator

    • Setting the artificial stool
    • Artificial stool can be easily set and used repeatedly.

    1. Remove the cap from the top of the simulator. To remove the cap easily, pinch the cap at the recesses on both sides and pull it out.
    2. Take an appropriate volume of the artificial stool, and push and insert it into the simulator (the rectal area).
    3. Replace the cap on the simulator. Push in the cap so that it is aligned with the surface of the simulator.

    Easy to fit-on By fastening the belt, fitting-on can be easily done.

    The wearable design enables training in actual postures.
    Suitable for practice in pairs or a group.

    The anal area can be removed for cleaning.



    Weight: About 4kg
    Case size: W55 x D26 x H27cm
    Accessories: Belt, Artificial excrement, Lubricant jelly , Baby powder, Storage case

    The feel of the anal and rectal areas is realistic.

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