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    Pea Flower Model (pisum sativum)

    Pea Flower  Model (pisum sativum) - T21026
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    Item #: T21026


    Pea Flower Model (pisum sativum)

    Pea (pisum sativum)Model, Item Details:

    Enlarged 7x life-size, 12-part
    Family: Papilionaceae/Leguminoseae

    The pea is one of the earliest cultivated crops, first harvested in the early Stone Age. There are over 17,000 members of the Papilionaceae family, named for its butterfly-like zygomorphic symmetry of the corolla. The corolla consists of petals, 2 wings, and the keel that comes from two petals which have grown together. Peas are also Legumes, meaning they form a symbiotic relationship with a rhizobium bacteria to fix nitrogen from the air into a form used in the soil. They thrive in low nitrogen, high pH environments in which other plants can't survive.

    This Pea (pisum sativum) model has 11 parts and is mounted on a base. Use this Pea (pisum sativum) model to teach the principals of genetics that Gregor Mendel discovered using Sweet Peas. Easily examine the Parent and F1 generations and discuss sexual and asexual reproduction.

    Pea (pisum sativum) Dimensions: 10" x 7" x 10½”
    3kg / 6.60 Lbs

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