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Neuroendoscopic Surgery Training Simulator

Pro-Delphus S.I.M.O.N.T  SNT - Neurosurgery Endotrainer

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SIMONT Neuroendoscopic Surgery Training Simulator

The SIMONT simulator is the only realistic in the world to allow neuroendoscopic training on the obstructive pathologies of the cerebral ventricals.

The SIMONT Neuro Trainer system (SNT) consists of a fixed support which includes, inside the skull cap, a surgical unit of a brain that allows the introduction of a neuroendoscope. The structure of its base allows elevation and rotation of the head in various positions.

The training consists in identifying the lesions and proceeds with techniques, allowing the choice of the instruments to be used. The tumors are similar to gliomas, neuropharyngeal tumors, cysticerci, colloid cysts, and many others. The goal is to remove these tumors as well as to perform a ventriculostomy with a fogarty expander catheter. It is also possible do identify important vessels such as the basilar artery, the striated thalamus and others. A peristaltic pump allows the filling of the ventricles under pressure, simulating a hydrocephalic pathology.

The SNT simulator allows bleeding by contact during tumorectomy and ventriculostomy, which makes it even more realistic.

Description of possible surgeries:
  • Craniotomy;
  • Neuro exploratory endoscopy;
  • Neuro navigation;
  • Identification of anatomical structures of the following:
    • Lateral ventricles,
    • Third ventricle,
    • Fourth ventricle,
    • Aqueduct of Silvius,
    • Choroid plexus,
    • Septal and thalamus striated vein,
    • Tuber cinereum,
    • Optic chiasm,
    • Mammilary bodies,
    • Monro,
    • Basilar artery,
    • Pinea

Complete Simulator Includes:

  • 1 Complete Base Support (SNT0)
  • 1 Surgical Unit (SNT1)
  • 1 Head for Surgical Unit with Skullcap (SNT2)

Note: Replacement parts are available upon request.

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