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    SOMSO 18-Part Model of the Skull

    SOMSO 18-Part Model of the Skull - QS8-218


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    SOMSO 18-Part Model of the Skull

    Natural size, made from SOMSO-Plast®, after Prof. J. W. Rohen, M. D., Department of Anatomy, University of Erlangen. The model is constructed from 18 individual parts corresponding to the natural bones. Apart from the cranium (frontal, parietal, occipital and sphenoid bones), the bones of the viscero cranium (ethmoid bone, vomer, palatine bone, zygomatic bone, maxilla and mandible) and the inferior nasal concha can be removed and re-assembled to form the complete skull. Assembling the different bones gives an impressive picture of the spacial architecture of the skull. This also enables a better understanding of the positions of the various bones cavities (orbit, nasal cavity, etc.).

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