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    SOMSO Chromosome model

    SOMSO Chromosome model - ZoS57-4

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    Item #: ZOS57-4


    SOMSO Chromosome model

    Scale 50,000 : 1, made of SOMSO-Plast®.
    The model as been made in co-operation with Studiendirektor Christian Groß. Model in one piece, on a green base.
    The model shows a submetacentric (centromer away from the middle) metaphase chromosome. The two chromatides are connected with each other in the region of the centromer. Visible there are also the kineto chords oriented to the outside. The slightly irregular surface of the chromatides is explained by the interaction of the chromatin loops coiled on the inside and the supported or imposed proteins. In its lower arm the right chromatide is shown by means of an appropriate cross section without these proteins. As a result the chromatin is visible in the form of different sized loops (loop domains) of the fundamental 30 mm fibril. At their base the loops are connected with a protein scaffold comprising nonhistones around which they wind spirally. The scaffold runs through the two chromatides in counter direction each in a weak winding spiral, respectively, from which the course of the respective chromatide side profiles can be recognised. The inner construction of the 30 mm fibril taking approximately the form of the nucleosomensolenoids cannot be reproduced here to the stipulated scale. Through the packaging of the DNS by means of the nucleosomes, 30 mm fibril, chromatin loops and their spiral arrangement the reducing factor of the DNS molecule passing through the respective chromatide is on a scale of some 10,000 : 1.
    Height: 46 cm., width: 18 cm., depth: 18 cm., weight: 1,39 kg

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