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Life-Size Fungi Models Microscopic Fungi Fungi Development and Structure
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SOMSO Agaricus Campester Model SOMSO Agaricus Campester Model

Item # BoS26

List Price
: $76.00
SOMSO Cantharellus Model SOMSO Cantharellus Model

Item # BoS28

List Price
: $81.00
SOMSO Suillus Luteus Model SOMSO Suillus Luteus Model

Item # BoS36

List Price
: $97.00
SOMSO Hygrophoropsis Aurantiaca Model SOMSO Hygrophoropsis Aurantiaca Model

Item # BoS49

List Price
: $100.00
Somso Tricholoma Flavovirens Model Somso Tricholoma Flavovirens Model

Item # BoS48

List Price
: $104.00
SOMSO Tylopilus Felleus Model SOMSO Tylopilus Felleus Model

Item # BoS34

List Price
: $109.00
Somso Agaricus Arvensis Model Somso Agaricus Arvensis Model

Item # BoS44

List Price
: $109.00
Somso Suillus Variegatus Model Somso Suillus Variegatus Model

Item # BoS47

List Price
: $111.00
SOMSO Boletus Edulis Model SOMSO Boletus Edulis Model

Item # BoS31

List Price
: $116.00
SOMSO Leccinum Aurantiacum Model SOMSO Leccinum Aurantiacum Model

Item # BoS29

List Price
: $119.00
SOMSO Amanita Phalloides Model 3 stages SOMSO Amanita Phalloides Model - 3 Stages

Item # BoS25

List Price
: $123.00
SOMSO Amanita Rubescens Model SOMSO Amanita Rubescens Model

Item # BoS40

List Price
: $125.00
SOMSO Amanita Muscaria Model SOMSO Amanita Muscaria Model

Item # BoS41

List Price
: $125.00

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