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SOMSO Heart 2x Enlarged, 3 parts

SOMSO Heart - 3 parts

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SOMSO Heart 2x Enlarged, 3 parts

Enlarged approx. twice, made in SOMSO-Plast®. The heart is cut by a vertical line towards the level of the ventricular septum and separates into 2 parts, after the arch of aorta and superior vena cava have been removed. Both auricles and ventricles with the bicuspid and tricuspid semilunar valves as well as the sigmoid valves can be seen. Model separates into 3 parts. On a transparent base in the form of the vault of the diaphragm with the outline of the pericardium.
Height: 33 cm., width: 24 cm., depth: 26 cm., weight: 2.8 kg

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