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    SOMSO Larynx with Trachea, 6-part

    SOMSO Larynx with Trachea, 6-part - GS5


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    SOMSO Larynx with Trachea, 6-part

    Enlarged approx. twice, made in SOMSO-Plast®. Larynx and trachea can be separated at the level of the 6th tracheal cartilage. Larynx separates into 2 parts, median section. The right thyroid cartilage, the cricothyroid muscle and the thyrohyoid muscle are removable. The trachea shows its constructive structure, the bifurcation into the main bronchi and the division into the lobular bronchi. Model separates altogether into 6 parts. On a stand with green base.

    Larynx Model with Trachea Dimensions and Weight:
    • Height: 59 cm / 23.23 inches
    • Width: 39 cm / 15.35 inches
    • Depth: 27 cm / 10.63 inches
    • Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 lbs

    Made by SOMSO and sold by GTSimulators.

    5 (Five) Year Warranty.

    GTSimulators by Global Technologies
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